There's a bit from Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley off the "I'm Tellin' You!" album where he breaks down the uniqueness of Maine lingo. During this bit, he says, "In Maine, you never throw anything...YA CHUCK IT!"

Well, I think Uncle Bobby would get a kick out of King Eider's Pub in Damariscotta and their method of ice removal.

Ice is a serious concern this time of year. Especially when it's cold and wet and then suddenly turns to above freezing. I mean, there's a reason we see those 'WARNING: FALLING ICE" signs in downtown areas.

A large icicle had formed on the corner of the King Eider's building perfectly above their only guest entrance. So what does one do? Do you wait for Mother Nature to take the icicle down naturally? The owners of King Eider's apparently took another line of Marley's and said, "T'aint likely."

Google Maps
Google Maps

Then the question becomes, how? With the building being tall options were certainly limited.

Being the apparent good problem solvers they are, King Eider's used what they had at their disposal. Good ol' potatoes. They grabbed potatoes and chucked them up at the icicle until it fell. The crazy thing?

It worked! (Don't try this at home, kids.)

One thing's for sure, King Eider's isn't short on good food or good ideas! And as someone from the Damariscotta area, I can attest that this is the kind of creativity (and shenanigans) I expect from this small town and I applaud them with pride.

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