According to an organization called TRIP, Maine's rural routes have some of the worst roads in the United States of American. Could I see a show of hands for anyone surprised by this news? Anyone? Anybody? I didn't think so. I have lived in Nothern New England for a good portion of my life, and this report does not come as a shock. How many times have these roads taken our shocks, struts, hubcaps, kneecaps and other things we may need for our vehicles or our person?


Today News Center Maine published part of TRIP's report about our roadways in parts of the state. With infrastructure projects now in a $200 Million backlog, can we say when this will ever geet up to par? One thing we know for sure, especially from driving around during the pandemic, is road crews are using this time to repair roads and do projects that have been long neglected. 

Amazing drone shots of Portland

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