It's a first of it's kind project in Maine.

According to the Portland Press Herald, for 10 years Maine has been working on restoring Long Creek that winds it's way around South Portland near the Mall.

It's a restoration project that is expected to cost $850,000, the newspaper reports.

Back in it's day, brook trout actually lived in the creek. But since all the development in the area, it's basically become a drainage nightmare. The only thing that can live in the water currently are mud bugs and fish that can live in a lot of pollution.

This is the final project where they are literally moving dirt, rock and hemlock trees to form a healthy lake again, the newspaper states.


You have probably passed the area a million times. The creek runs behind Dick's Sporting Goods and you can see it off I295. But nowadays, if you hear Long Creek, you think correctional facility.

They are working despite the Trump administration taking away a 2015 rule that gave the EPA authority to protect wetlands and tributaries that feed rivers or creeks and even oceans, according to the Press Herald, but the work will continue because Long Creek is exempt.

It's an effort that involves business owners and government agencies. They all want the same thing in the end, the newspaper states, brook trout to come back... naturally.

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