As of 2021, The Maine State Police have been protecting and serving the citizens of Maine for 100 years. To commemorate their centennial, nine marked police cruisers have been outfitted with the same logo and paint jobs that the very first Maine State Police cruisers had in the 1930s.

All Maine State Police cruisers will have 100th Anniversary license plates which are replicas of the plates from 1921, and one cruiser for each of the nine troops in Maine will sport the colors and logo from the 30s when the State Police switched from motorcycles to cars.

The nine cars are not new purchases, but cars already in the fleet that just received new paint jobs and a retro Maine State Police logo on the door. Here's what Maine State Police cruisers looked like in the 30s:

Maine State Police via Facebook


And here is what the newly painted cruisers look like today:


Maine State Police via Facebook

The uniforms have changed as have the vehicles, but the tradition of protecting and serving the people of Maine has remained the same. Happy 100th Anniversary Maine State Police!

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