If you've lived in Maine all your life, you pretty much expect that during any major holiday week, there's going to be some questionable weather. It never fails to have rain in the forecast on Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend and of course, July 4th weekend. But this year, Mother Nature has something a little different in store. An incredible week filled with upper-70's to low-80's sunshine throughout July 3rd. The catch? Well, that would be the sticky, borderline-unbearable humidity for the July 4th holiday and into the weekend.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, all of Maine should experience near-perfect Summer days Monday through Wednesday this week. But Thursday? Well, that's when the blowtorch could really crank up and lay the sunshine and humidity smackdown on everyone grilling, beaching and hanging outside for Independence Day. That humidity is going to linger for a bit, leaving Maine and most of New England susceptible to the potential for some severe thunderstorms come the weekend. Make sure to continue to monitor the forecast as the week wears on.


Otherwise, we hope you managed to take this week as a vacation because it's rare to have a promising stretch of weather like this on a holiday week in Maine. Enjoy!

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