I have mixed feelings about this one and it all comes down to what the solution will be.

As explained in an article by Portland Press Herald, the Maine turnpike might be terminating cash collection for tolls.

What does this mean? None of us know yet.

They don’t actually have a solution mapped out yet, they just know that not enough people are paying with cash for tolls so it’s time to give it up. What even is cash, anymore, am I right?

The article gives quite the statistic: Apparently, 20 years ago cash tolls accounted for 78% of toll collection on the turnpike, but last year, it was down to just 15%. That is an insane difference.

So, clearly, people aren't carrying around cash anymore but that’s not breaking news. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pay a toll online and coughed up a late fee because I didn’t have any cash or coins on me. I even have “avoid tolls” set on my Google Maps now.

There’s no set date on when they’ll make a change but it’s expected to be in the coming years but they have to come up with the solution first. Is everyone going to have to get an E-ZPass? Will we all just pay-by-plate? I will form a more concrete opinion on this when they start knocking around ideas.

Do you have a solution?

Whatever it is, it has to be smooth, quick, and easy, just like riding through with an E-ZPass. Eliminating cash will reduce congestion and maybe even lower accidents from people ramming into each other at the toll booth.

I mean, how annoying is it when you’re gliding down the highway on cruise control and you have to start slowing down for a toll? That just grinds my gears.

I’m just not a very pro-tech gal and I like to keep things old and simple so I really don’t fully know how I feel about this change. I guess it’ll be for the best. As long as they don’t raise toll prices to pay for the new technology… Oh, boy.

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