Trust me. I'm looking in my crystal ball and I already see you ripping me apart in the comments and saying wicked vile (probably) things because of this article.

Two things: 1) I know this is really whiny and, on the grand scheme of things, not a problem at all considering other stuff going on in the world. And, 2) Joke's on you, I won't read the comments section of this post, so you're really just wasting your time dropping all that smack talk.

Google Maps / Waze App
Google Maps / Waze App

Waze App

I don't know about you, but there's not a time I don't drive without the Waze app open and operating, whether I'm driving five minutes down the road or taking a five-hour road ride.

Yes, bluntly, it's great to know where and when there are police upcoming so you can double check that your speed is good and avoid the annoyance and hit to the bank account that getting pulled over brings.

But it's also more than just that, especially on roads like the Turnpike and 295 throughout Maine where there's always some kind of construction going on. It's great at giving a heads up on lane closures, accidents, massive delays, etc.

However, of all the things that other Waze users can report along their travels, there's really one thing that we don't need a heads up about.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash / Waze App
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash / Waze App


I know -- I can hear your eyeroll from here. But picture this for a second.

You're on the road heading somewhere -- work, a family or friends gathering, driving on a road trip for a getaway -- the scenario doesn't matter. But you're on the road, logging the miles, fueled by your favorite radio station or playlist.

When, right in the middle of your favorite song, the music drops out and a voice (robotic or celebrity-set) interrupts your vibe:

Fog ahead.

Look. I get reporting something like flooding, a heavy delay, construction, an accident -- anything that you can't actively see but could come up on unexpectedly, report away. But the thing about fog?


Why do people do this? ‍♂️
byu/Wungdawg inwaze

Like I said, is this whiny? Yup. But I'm not the only one, considering there are entire Reddit threads and forums on the actual Waze website addressing this.

And before you say anything, yes, it'd be super easy to just go into the app and shut that specific notification off, but to do that, you have to shut all weather alerts off.

But I'm off my whiny soapbox now. Yes, I understand how trivial this is. And yes, I agree that if this is the biggest issue I'm dealing with, then I'm doing okay. But quite honestly I wanted to entertain you with something ridiculous but also relatable, so here we are.

Thanks for reading, and now you may proceed to having a field day in the comments section.

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