What seems like a growing trend around the Portland area has shown no signs of slowing down as another restaurant is forced to close it's doors at a couple of their shops.

Naphtali and Rich of Mainely Wraps recently announced they have closed 2 stores over the weekend leaving employees scrambling to find work.

There will be no more Mainely Wraps in Scarborough or on Broadway in South Portland as both shops have closed due to financial troubles.

Naphtali sent out a Mainely Wraps newsletter to their subscribers that read, "We are closing our Broadway and Scarborough stores.  The final day of service was January 11th.  This might come as a shock to some of you, but the truth is that Rich and I have been floating the stores financially with our own savings for the past year.  We've been hoping for business to pick up, but it hasn't.  Our sales are down more than 50%, even as our staffing and food costs continue to rise, and we just can't continue this way.  So, here are the changes:  

Rich and I are going to run the Portland store (431 Congress St- Monday-Friday from 10-4PM)  with the help of a few delivery drivers and one employee.  It's a return to our roots, and we'll focus on bringing back the pieces that made Mainely Wraps so special.  We'll have daily soup and sandwich specials, and we'll be there- all day, every day. 

Our lunchtime catering program will expand- we'll actually have more drivers available.  Please keep ordering your catering online or call me at 207-219-3704 to place your order.  All gift cards can be redeemed at the Portland store, and any remaining Groupons can be redeemed there as well.  You can also order lunchtime delivery through 2Dinein, if you're not able to make it up to Portland.

It's humbling for us to admit that we couldn't run multiple locations with the quality and consistency that we expect, and yet we are so excited to get our hands on the Portland store and make it the BEST lunch in Portland.   I hope you stop in- I'll be there.

With love,

Naphtali (and Rich)


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