Amy Allen is a singer-songwriter, and is having huge success right now writing some of today's biggest hits.


Like Selena Gomez's 'Back to You'


and Halsey's 'Without Me'


The Mainer was in town recently and stopped by the Q to chat. It's interesting what she could and couldn't talk about. Artists are very particular about their writing process and don't want to reveal a lot of details.

One artist that Amy would like to work with is Miley Cyrus. She respects that Hannah Montana has been able to not only transform herself over the years, but flourish. Especially crossing over the delicate line of pop and country.

Some songs are too personal and she keeps them for herself. She is an amazing singer and has been singing most of her 27 years...


Super grateful for Amy spending some of her time with us. She doesn't have a lot of it living in Los Angeles (West Hollywood) and coming to see family in Maine. We will be hearing a lot from this talent in the years to come!

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