Are you ready for some football? Are you ready to have a few cool ones to enjoy during football?

Well, this is the weekend for it, because we have finally reached the biggest game there is, the Super Bowl.

As we all know by now, the Super Bowl is much more than just a game. The day has turned into an unofficial American holiday loaded with fanfare, food, fun, and of course, libations.

Very few things are more American than enjoying a few beers during a game. That is taken to the next level when it's the most important game of the year. Making sure you have the right beverage for that game is crucial.

Since I'm still trying to decide what will compliment my Super Bowl watching, I decided to seek some help with this decision.

We put out the call for the state's best craft beers: the blue-ribbon (no pun intended) brew that always has people talking, rocking...or having another.

Now, thanks to our station's social media, we can publish many of those items together to make one incredibly tasty list.

Below is a list of many of those beers that were suggested to us. The list includes many IPA's and ales, but not limited to them. It also includes breweries from across the state, proving how vast and impactful Maine's craft beer industry is.

Our listeners also picked many beers that are on Beer Advocate's Maine Craft Beer Top 100 Rankings.

There are also a few items that non-beer lovers may enjoy, because this state's beverage industry is more than just the suds.

You can see the list below, but I'll warn're going to get thirsty. Which one would you choose for the big game?

Mainer's Favorite Local Beers for the Super Bowl

Thanks to our great listeners, we compiled a list of many of Maine breweries' best beers for the big game. The local brews that you would love to have for watching this year's Super Bowl.

These great spots can be found across the state, waiting for you to try them. Many can be found on Beer Advocate's Maine Craft Beer Top 100 Rankings.

How many of these have you had?

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