If you're craving classic diner food in a unique setting, these three rail car diners in Maine are serving up some super popular blue plate specials. They're no stranger to press opportunities and TV appearances, so what's the fuss all about? These photos from Palace Diner, A1 Diner, and Miss Portland Diner tell you why people wait in lines to feast on breakfast fare all day long.

Palace Diner in Biddeford

The Deluxe breakfast sandwich from the Palace Diner was featured in Maine Magazine and in other publications. The Deluxe sandwich features a square of baked eggs, a sandwich-sized English muffin, bacon, pickled jalapeños, and cheddar cheese. It's a bit greasy and more on the spicy side, but I've eaten this thing before and I have to admit I've been craving a second ever since.

A1 Diner in Gardiner

Yelp.com Reviewers Say:

"A-1 Diner is quite unique... Wooden interior walls, raised up on metal stilts to reach street bridge level and is one of the smaller diners."

"A classic diner with a classic menu, the staff was pleasant, it was in an adorable old train car, and the food was all good. My only regret was I didn't save room for desert."

Miss Portland Diner in Portland

Yelp.com Reviewers Say:

"I love breakfast here. You can't really go wrong with a diner, they're so comforting. While I love Becky's Diner, this actually has a legit diner feel to it. Again, I'm a sucker for ambiance."

"Came here for a late breakfast on Saturday morning and it was everything you would want and expect from a diner! Friendly and fast service, and quintessential diner food. I loved my scrambled eggs and the home fries were perfectly cooked and seasoned."

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