While it's highly unlikely, there could be some national fireworks on Monday, Dec. 19 if some members of the Electoral College decide not to vote for the candidate that won their district, and change the outcome of the presidential election.

Any Mainer who wishes to watch the Electoral College process can come to a ceremony on Monday where the state's electors will cast their ballots and the results will be announced.


The Maine members of the Electoral College will meet in the House Chambers of the Maine State House at 2PM on Monday for a public ceremony. The votes will be collected, tallied and the results announced. There will also be a presentation of the history of the Electoral College. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won 3 of Maine's Electoral votes, with Republican Donald Trump getting one as a result of winning the Second Congressional District.

While there has been some talk of the possibility of some voters, known as "faithless electors," not voting for their pledged candidate, the expectation is that the Electoral College will elect Trump as president on Monday.

In Maine, members of the Electoral College are expected to follow the will of the voters, but there is no penalty for becoming a "faithless elector." Some states have civil penalties for "faithless electors" on the books, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures:

Oklahoma and Washington impose a civil penalty of $1,000; in North Carolina, the fine is $500, the faithless elector is deemed to have resigned, and a replacement is appointed. In South Carolina, an elector who violates his or her pledge is subject to criminal penalties, and in New Mexico a violation is a fourth degree felony. In Michigan and Utah, a candidate who fails to vote as required is considered to have resigned, and a replacement is appointed.

According to a release from the Maine Secretary of State's office, Maine’s presidential electors for Clinton are: Diane Denk (Congressional District 1), David Bright (at large) and Samuel Shapiro (at large). Maine’s presidential elector for Trump is Richard Bennett (Congressional District 2).

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