What do Jordan, Kansas, and Maine have in common?

They are all home to Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine.  'Kansas' is a tricky run for beginners that's been testing new skiers for years as it crosses from the 'Jordan Bowl' through 'Oz' and 'Aurora' runs.

Sunday River Ski Resort Via Facebook
Sunday River Ski Resort Via Facebook

The 'Kansas' trail is now redesigned, and the resort promises beginner skiers that it'll be better for all who transverse from mountain to mountain.

Why is the 'Kansas' run being redesigned?  Since March 2022, the resort has been working on building the biggest, newest, and fastest ski lift in North America.

Opening tentatively on Saturday, December 17, the 'Jordan 8' is the latest technology in ski lifts, including heated seats and a Sunday River Red bubble over the skiers for wind protection.  There's nothing that says 'hello' like a blast of cold wind in the face on a ski lift.  Caffeine can't even give you that kind of wake up call.

This whopping 8 person lift is the fastest ski lift in North America, and it's only the beginning for Sunday River's 10 year project.  According to sundayriver.com, the project is "for sustainable growth and investments that will revamp areas of the resort and make skiing even better than it already is."

If you'd like to enter a raffle for $5 to benefit River Fund Maine and Maine Adaptive, go to sundayriver.com by midnight, December 8, for a shot at the first chair ride on the new Jordan 8.

You could be on the fastest lift in North America, and it's in our backyard.  Sunday River regulars, don't worry, cause Barker is in the renovation plan, too.

Sunday River Ski Resort via Facebook
Sunday River Ski Resort via Facebook

And Santa Sunday is on December 11 this year.  Get your best Santa suit on and ski your face off for the River Fund Maine.

Bring on winter, because we are ready.

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