Whenever we flip the calendar and welcome in a new year, there are lots of hopes for what that new year could bring. In cold weather states like Maine, those hopes and dreams can serve as a welcome distraction from what's going on outside. And what's going on outside in Maine in January usually isn't anything good. Which brings us to an interesting new study done by Wiki Esvid, who compiled historical weather data while simultaneously surveying local residents to determine which day could be predicted as the most 'miserable' weather day in Maine for 2021. The answer? January 16th.


It shouldn't be a huge surprise. According to weather-us.com, January is traditionally Maine's coldest month, with average high temperatures rolling in below freezing. Not only that, according to VisitMaine.com, Maine typically sees 15 to 20 days of snowfall in January. Cold plus endless snowfall equals miserable.

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The silver lining so far in 2021 is that most of the 'norms' in a typical January haven't taken place at all. Maine has been cushioned by high pressure, pushing multiple Nor'Easters out to sea. The average temperatures statewide having been running multiple degrees warmer than averages. Even long range forecasts don't see any significant storms coming our way for the next 7-10 days.

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Which means that Saturday, January 16th SHOULD be the most 'miserable' weather day of the year in Maine but likely won't be. Maybe things really are turning around for all of us after all.

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