We've seen dragonflies and Monarchs flitting about Maine in the summer, but have you ever seen a mass migration of them dense enough to show up on a weather radar?

Last week, the U.S. National Weather Service shared a screen capture of their storm radar that showed a cloud of green with a yellow and red border sweeping across Oklahoma. They explained in the post that the green represented huge group of dragonflies and Monarch butterflies, and that the yellow and red showed the thickest concentration of the insects as they rode a northerly wind behind a cold front as it swept over the state.

Apparently dragonflies and Monarchs migrate together, or at similar times of the year and end up as travel buddies. This could explain why they often show up together when you come across one in nature, like Lori did when she was sitting on her porch in warmer weather not long ago:


It's a good thing she only saw the two little flying buddies... I think I would freak if a full weather radar-detectable swarm came to hang out while I was enjoying a warm afternoon on my porch.

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