Bonnie, who we have been following for a year, ended her journey with an acoustic guitar version of 'Meat or Cheese'.

We have been calling Bonnie every month for a year. She won a big New Year's prize in the beginning of 2019.

But, she had to promise that we would follow her for a year on her new year's resolution to learn to play the guitar.

She has been wonderful. Not only has she stuck to her resolution of learning to play the guitar, she made good on the promise of learning 'Meat or Cheese' to end out the year.

With the help of her bestie Sammy (in the middle) and Sammy's boyfriend Max, Bonnie (on the far right) nailed 'Meat or Cheese'.

However, much to the horror of many people...that is NOT the only Meat or Cheese music video. I know. There's another one? Yes...this one is from 2015. It's kind of a singalong!

There you have it. Could this be the new Christmas classic we have all been longing for? Of course it won't be - but it sure is fun!

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