Meredith was cleaning out stuff and came across some notes from a Q Morning Show meeting in 2003. 13 years ago! I had only been on the show a year and we were trying to figure out stuff to do and our 'roles'...

I love the ideas we were throwing around. We never did have a 'strolling opera singer' or 'violinist' for Valentine's Day.

But this is absolutely my favorite note. 'Why our show is unique'...from 13 years ago.

I'm not sure why my name has an asterisk by it, but maybe it's because I was new. I love my 'role':

Fun loving, easy going - street smart kind of broad, that will make you laugh. Smart ass type, opinionated, sarcastic.

Mmmmm...not much has changed. I like Jeff's too:

More of a fallover, but the guy friend you had in school. Typical man - standoffish, not romantic, not easy to please, maladjusted, honest, sincere.

Hysterical. I think 'maladjusted' may be my favorite part.

So, it got me would we describe Kylie's role:

Half Lori's age, she is fresh, topical, very in tune with pop culture and what is the 'it' thing. Funny, sweet, somewhat snarky and ready to hold her own - but not in a pushy way.

What do you think our roles are? Oh, that's a can of worms I'm not sure I want to open...

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