Marina "Rosie" Gray earned the title and crown of Miss Maine 2018 over Thanksgiving weekend. Her new title is impressive for plenty of reasons, but maybe most impressive of all is Marina's story before the crown.

Marina Gray is a member of the United States military. In addition to rocking her first ever pageant and claiming the title of Miss Maine USA 2018, she was promoted to Sergeant Gray in the Army National Guard just months before taking the stage in formal gown.

Following her crowning moment, Marina posted on her social media accounts sharing her excitement and gratitude for the support she received during the competition.

I’ve had an overwhelming amount of people reach out to me from different parts of our state & country to congratulate me. This opportunity is more than I could’ve ever dreamed of. I wish I could reach out to everyone personally but it’s time I get some rest & start prepping for Miss USA and for work tomorrow & for military training this weekend. This was the first pageant I ever competed in and I truly know the power of my mind now. If you put passion and determination into your dreams they can become a reality. This crown on my head is living proof. Thank you again.


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