Occasionally, I will check out Craigslist's missed connections because I want to read the stories of love at first sight that has been lost and hopefully found.

If you are a fan of Lifetime movies where two people meet, and they reconnect and live happily ever, open your laptop and get a reality check on the Maine Craigslist page.

I often read these articles knowing that most of these people will never meet their "one" again, and even if they did bump into that person again more than likely, they read it all wrong.

That has to sting, especially this article where someone, I assume a man, was writing about a married mother who he was "eyeing" at a Maine trampoline park.

You had on a red plaid shirt. Black boots. A few boys were with you. I was eyeing you the whole time... I saw a ring, but, I’d love to chat with you. You probably know who this is based on the amount I was looking.

My interpretation is, after dealing with a bunch of screaming kids at a birthday party all day, you were the only person her age, that she could relate to if/ when she made eye contact with you.

But that look was not her adoring you back... it was her saying help me!

What do you think? Think it'll end happily ever after?

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