I'm new to Portland, but I already know that winters here can be rough. Mainers have a knack for banding together and helping each other tough it out, but we don't always think about that kindness extending to wildlife.

In the icy deep snow berms of Crouseville, Maine, on Monday, some good samaritans stopped to shovel out a young moose in distress, according to WMTW. While I would be hesitant to approach a full grown moose, (I'm from Idaho, I've seen those things plow through the snow!) I can see how this helpless, lanky teen would attract the help of strangers.

If you check out the picture on WMTW taken by one of the helpers, you'll see the waist-deep snow and that moose's head popping out of the berm. The little guy needed some help getting out of his situation, for sure.

Unfortunately, this story has a sad ending. On Tuesday morning, Cpl. John MacDonald of the Maine Warden Service revealed that due to previous ailments, the moose had to be put down, WMTW reported.

Despite the moose's untimely end, MacDonald told the news station that the good samaritans' deeds were justified. Without their help, the moose likely would have succumbed to hypothermia and suffered a slow death.

Nature can be harsh, but one thing's for certain: good karma will follow these Mainers around for some time after this rescue.

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