With nearly a month left until the official start of winter, another November snow event is coming our way. While many of us will be groaning as we struggle to move snow once again early in the season, skiers are enjoying some of the best skiing of the year.

According to News Center Maine's Todd Gutner, we have to deal with a little bit of precipitation on Sunday with some rain, snow and ice.


The bigger event is looking to be Monday night into Tuesday, where there is the potential of 4 to 8 inches of snowfall for most of Maine, with the mountains and foothills getting the better shot at the 8 inch mark. Right along the coast gets the least amount with around 2-4 inches and some rain mixing in.

The storm is still 2 to 3 days out so this is an early snowfall prediction, but the models right now point toward plowable snow for most of the state.

So here we go again. At this rate, kids are going to be going to school in July.

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