In state tuition fees at University of Maine campuses run anywhere from close to $7,000 to about $8,800 per year. And that doesn't include the fees which can cost between $900 to roughly $2,300 annually.

But for some students at Maine public universities the classes, and room and board are free. It' s part of an effort to increase graduation rates and reduce student debt. For others you need to add on room and board fees anywhere from $850 to $2,380 for in state students. That price just about doubles for those coming from out of state.

A story on reports that Chancellor James Page and the presidents of Maine’s universities say that nearly a quarter of roughly 16,000 Maine undergraduates are currently attending free of tuition and fee expense. Back in March it was announced that the Universtiy of Maine System said, despite a tuition hike and an increase of state funding, they are still looking at not making budget by about $3 million.

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