Let's talk about craft brews, gourmet pizza and lots of adult and family fun. Those are a few of my favorite things and now they are all coming to a tiny town in Maine for your enjoyment!

According to the Sun Journal, Brickyard Hollow Brewing Co is opening it's 6th location in Eustis. There other locations include Portland, Freeport, Ogunquit, and Skowhegan.

This is a very big Christmas surprise for the folks in Eustis and everyone else in Maine because they are due to open on December 26th!

So, after catering to the kids for the holidays and doing it ALL for the family, stop in, grab an ice cold brew, take a load off all while giving yourself a much deserved break from the never ending festivities.

Eustis may be small, but they know how to "do fun" and they do it in a big way. Brickyard is set in the perfect spot for all snow bunnies to retreat from the winter sport they call they're own and treat themselves.

The newest location will be at 310 Route 27 the Flagstaff Landing on Flagstaff Lake in Eustis, as the article states.

If you don't know where that is, it is directly in the snow zone! This means it is the perfect spot for all snowmobilers, skiers, and winter watchers!

I did some further digging on Facebook about this amazing brewing company and found out some epic information. It all started, 150 years in the center of town.

Brickyard Hollow, a valley located in the center of town, was once considered the line that divided the coastal shipbuilding community from the inland farming community. In the late 1800s, the hollow was filled in an effort to unite the two villages and bring people together for community events.
Not only are they bringing events, entertainment, food and beer to Eustis but also pride and a long history of community and connection within Maine!

The newest location will host events, wedding, corporate retreats, and more. In addition to being the perfect location to try new brews and delicious pizza, they are going above and beyond on making all of your special occasions truly memorable.

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