Even though most of us would rather have our favorite restaurants open all year long, there is a benefit to a restaurant being seasonal - we tend to appreciate them that much more.

The fact that we cannot get these dishes / meals all year long, makes them taste even better.  This is especially true right after a restaurant re-opens for the season.

If you are a fan of the hot dogs, chicken baskets, burgers, or donuts from Bolley's Famous Franks in Hallowell, we have some great news!

The restaurant, which sits at 38 Water Street in Hallowell, has announced that they plan to open for the season on Tuesday, April 4th!


The Menu

If you have never been to Bolley's Famous Franks they have way more than just famous franks.  The place serves up burgers, sandwiches, chicken baskets, haddock baskets, shrimp baskets, amazing onion rings, and poutine!

And yes, they have a variety of hot dogs and sausages.

Josh Pereira / Unsplash
Josh Pereira / Unsplash

They also serve up breakfast.  While they do have eggs, homefries, omelets, bacon, sausage and more, everyone knows that the real reason to stop by Bolley's during the breakfast hours is so that you can get those unbelievable homemade donuts!  They have four different varieties: plain, chocolate, cinnamon, and molasses.


A Long History Of Serving Up Amazing Food

According to their restaurant website, the business has been around for over five decades.  Bolley opened his first place on Western Avenue in Augusta in the 1960s.  The business relocated to its Water Street, Hallowell location in 1972.  Don Pooler got his first job from Bolley when he was 16.  Don and his wife bought the restaurant in 1997.

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