The State Theatre on Congress St. in Portland sent out an S.O.S. to the public to help save the entertainment venues in Maine. By taking about a minute to fill in your name on a form letter at, you'll be asking Congress to include our venues in the next stimulus bill.

We need to put these spaces on life support so that we'll still have them when the crisis has passed.

Just about every workplace in the U.S. has been affected by the pandemic; and our independent venues, promoters, theaters and festivals are experiencing a gigantic 90% revenue loss.

Many will close soon if relief doesn't arrive to keep the rent paid.

Think about your favorite place to see live shows, concerts and anything else that requires a stage, don't you look forward to returning to them with your crew for a cold one and a great show? They need you now, so take a minute and speak out on their behalf.

Congress will be voting soon so please don't put it off. Share this with all of the music lovers in your life.

Being included in the next stimulus package will ensure that these incubators for Maine talent remain, and that these important contributors to the Maine economy will be prepared to open their doors again as soon as it's possible.

Need to scratch that live music itch? Check out Conclave, a series of concerts live streaming from the empty stage of the State Theatre. Check out some very fine regional and local talent who are missing us cheering for them in the crowd. Shows are on Friday nights from July 24th through August 28th .

Watch the performances being streamed live on the State Theatre Facebook page for FREE.

Here's the schedule:

7/24 Emma Ivy 7 Bensbeendead

7/31 Dominic Lavoie & Max Garcia Conover

8/7 Goldenoak & Coyote Island

8/14 The American Classic

8/21 Weakened Friends

8/28 Sara Hallie Richardson w/ Amarantos Quartet

Even without income, many of our venues are trying to bring us live entertainment any way they can. Please help Save Our Stages now.

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