I can't believe it's already time for Cans for a Cure. This will be my third year sleeping in a camper, driving a box truck, and hanging out in a tent at the Maine Mall with Lori and Jeff to raise money for the Cancer Community Center. Our goal is massive this year -- $75,000 or 1.5 million bottles and cans. Lori, in her infinite wisdom, introduced an auction to this year's fundraising efforts. I have to say, I'm impressed by all of the items that area businesses generously donated to support our yearly mission to support those in Maine who are impacted by breast cancer.

These are a few of my favorites that I'm preparing to bid on. I dare you to start a bidding war with me.

Okay, I'm not a huge video game person, but I love vintage games. I think this would make a perfect night-in activity. Order a pizza, crack open some brews, and play some classic Super Nintendo games.

super nintendo

I saw this skin care package when Lori picked it up from Sephora and I'm so obsessed with all the products inside. They're all luxurious lotions, facial cleansers, and more that I'd never buy on their own, but for charity? Absolutely.

Kylie Queen Auction Items

No comment. I just think it's a really good prize. Probably the best. It's priceless.


Stonewall Kitchen is one of my favorite Maine shops. I love their pancake mix, jams, jellies, and baked good mixes. I may bid on this for a gift, or just keep it for myself.

stonewall kitch

I've always wanted to learn how to surf. This is the perfect opportunity to cross something off my bucket list and support Cans for a Cure. BRB gotta go bid.


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