Since my mom died in July of 2014, my dad has never truly recovered. They had been married 62 years...and my dad could not function without mom. He passed away 9/1/15 - and now they are together again...

I'm not ready to talk about how my dad died. I don't know if I ever will. But in general, it was truly of a broken heart. I tried for over a year to pull my father out of the depths of depression, sadness and heartache. I was unable to.

I tried, therapists, social workers, companions and even a hypnotist. He tried it all - but in the end...he just wanted mom. The one thing I could not give him. I loved my father very much, but it wasn't always easy.

I felt this past year as though I was the parent and he was the child. I feel a little like I failed him - but I know I did all I could.

There was a wonderful side effect of his death. All of my brothers and sisters got together for the first time in decades. I have two older brothers (Mike and Greg) and a sister one year younger, Chris. It was just us. I actually don't know if we've ever done that. My dad was estranged from Mike and Chris...a wedge that made our family drift apart.

We went through piles and piles and piles of pictures together. There were tears and there was a lot of laughing. I am grateful for the time together. I believe that may be my last trip to the state I grew up in - Idaho. I'm not sure what would bring me back there....

I wanted to share some pictures. Just a few. My dad was 80 years old when he passed away. I will miss him terribly. But I am grateful he is finally at peace.