Saturday, April 8 was a glorious morning because my favorite food truck returned to it's spring and summer perch on the Eastern Promenade. The SaltBox Cafe creates insane sandwiches with local ingredients (including local Maine crab for their crab cakes) all from their adorable tiny house on wheels. My boyfriend and I were their first customers of the season on Saturday. I shot up in bed, more motivated than ever to put pants on and half-skip down the street to grab my crab cake breakfast sandwich.

The SaltBox Cafe tops my food truck list, but Portland (and Maine in general) is bursting with stellar food truck fare. You'll want to find these the next time you're in town. Need more food truck action? Join us at Street Eats & Beats, the event where we bring the food trucks (and adult beverages and music) to you!

The SaltBox Cafe

WHERE/WHEN: Eastern Promenade Monument, Friday-Sunday, 8:30 AM - 2 PM

WHAT: Breakfast sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast burritos. Try the crab cake breakfast sandwich on a croissant.


Fishin' Ships

WHERE/WHEN: Rotating Breweries (Check the Calendar)

WHAT: Fish everything (and some land-lubbing choices, too). Fish tacos, fish croquettes, the High Thai'd.


Cannoli Joe's

WHERE/WHEN: Rotating downtown areas (Check Facebook)

WHAT: Cannoli, all of them.


Pinky D's

WHERE/WHEN: Events (like Street Eats & Beats)

WHAT: Lobster poutine, classic poutine, buffalo poutine, etc. etc. etc.

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