After almost a year of anticipation, the Full House spin-off Fuller House landed on Netflix on Friday and some people on Facebook and Twitter absolutely tore it apart. Let me try to tackle these criticisms on a tweet by tweet basis. 

Yes it is corny. I'm guessing you never saw Full House? TV sitcoms were corny 30 years ago. They all relied on catchphrases. Fonzie had "Sit on it!" Urkel had "Did I do that?" Fuller House isn't trying to hide the fact that it's nostalgia and is the type of sitcom you grew up with.

But what's wrong with nostalgia? Who doesn't want to revisit their childhood? Fact of the matter is nostalgia sells. They've done it with The Brady Bunch with a two made for TV movie reunions, two TV series spinoffs and a two theatrical movies. People are curious about where their favorite TV characters might be today. Fuller House answers those questions, in a classic, cheesy sitcom way. Also, what's good is in the eye of the beholder.

Really? Let me introduce you to a little show from the same era as Full House called Cop Rock. This should change your mind.

No retort necessary.

The Olsen Twins weren't exactly winning Emmy's back in the day either. Again, this isn't supposed to be award winning television. It's cotton candy. You loved it as a kid and now it's back for the weekend. Why wouldn't you have some?

Personally I liked Fuller House. Does it make sense? No. For example, why would a kid going through the window of a school trying to escape when the fire sprinklers are set off, be forced back inside through the window by the school resource officer when the building is being evacuated? You've got to let some things go. This isn't reality TV.

Netflix isn't stupid. They knew what they were doing and I'm willing to bet they see a spike in subscription rates this month and will probably retain a good portion by pointing them to the other shows they offer from the past.

Maybe these critics just expect too much out of television. With TV shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Downton Abbey that seem more like movies, people must be holding a higher standard to what they expect. Lucky for them there are a lot of choices out there.

What did you think of Fuller House? Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.


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