My paradise is staying in all day and binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix. Don't move from the couch....don't care! 


Awe man, what the heck did we do before Netflix came along? We were continuously agitated when watching our fav TV shows and it cut to commercials. Then, we had to suffer through 5 minutes of boring commercials to get back to the action. Sounds barbarian now, doesn't it?! I am a huge connoisseur of finding quality TV shows, and them binge watching the crap out of them. I have also found too that now that Netflix is producing and making their own TV shows; the quality is on point. These are shows that the big network TV channels would never dream of producing. Therefore, Netflix harbors the talent of unique ideas and interesting shows. This is my opinion of course. But, if at any point this holiday weekend you are looking for an escape from the family, here are my top 5 choices of Netflix shows I recommend you check out. I would NEVER stir you wrong man!  Happy 'Netflix and chilling' this weekend.


5. House of Cards


4. OA 



3. Call the Midwife



2. Stranger Things 



1. The Crown







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