We rely on The National Weather Service in Gray, Maine to issue winter weather advisories and warnings for the state, but a weather advisory issued for a location in Maine for the upcoming storm had us scratching our heads.

We can only assume this was an honest mistake. A typo. We all make them. If you've ever read any of my articles on this website, you've probably seen plenty. Heck, there are probable sum in this one! Still, though, it gave us a chuckle when we saw this.

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Coastal Western Maine. Where exactly is that? Here's my best guess.

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That's the Rangeley Lakes region, and even though it's not the ocean, that's the furthest west that you'll find a big body of water. So let's go with that.

All joking aside, we're pretty sure this was a mistake and an important "and" was left out or something similar. Western and Coastal Maine? Maybe. Whatever the reason, thanks to all the folks at the National Weather Service in Gray for keeping us in the know and letting us have a little fun with you.