If you haven't started brainstorming halloween costumes, you're behind the curve. It's a yearly conundrum - what can you dress up as that people will get, but will still be creative and unique? If you're really looking to go the extra mile, let's make it local. Here are 5 starter kits for those of you hoping to wow your friends with Maine references.

1) Road Kill Squirrel

With a squirrel costume and some fake blood, you could channel the tragedy that is the squirrel overpopulation this year and subsequent roadside blood bath.


2) Lobster Smoking Weed

Thanks to Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound coming up with a legendary way to ease lobsters' nerves before being boiled alive (and getting international attention for it), with a couple lobster claws and a splif you could make an easy local costume in no time.


3) Undecided Susan Collins

Throughout the controversial senate hearing and confirmation process of Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Senator Collins has maintained her signature "wait until all the research comes in" stance, despite protestors on each side urging her to commit to confirming or denying Kavanaugh's appointment to the highest court in the land. With a sharp pantsuit, wig, wire-framed glasses, and an "I have no comment" sign, you could make a pretty convincing and locally relevant Collins costume.

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4) Time and Temp Building

This iconic member of the skyline will never go unrecognized at a Halloween party in Portland. It's simple to make, besides! Sharpie some windows on a t-shirt and khakis or tan dress and pop a cardboard cut-out of the digital time and temp sign on your head. You're good to go and original as hell!

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5) "Rare" Cotton Candy Lobster

Finally, I can't be the only one who thinks it's ridiculous how many "extremely rare"  iridescent lobsters have been caught this year in Maine. For ostensibly being 1 in 100 million, they seem to come around pretty frequently. Spray paint the same lobster claws as above and don a shiny dress - you'll be Maine-appropriate and still one in a million!

Instagram via IgersMaine