Is there anything better in the morning than a bagel? The spherical vessels are a perfect food. They are super chewy, extremely versatile, and just downright tasty.

Craving something sweet? How 'bout a bagel? Craving something savory? Well, how about a bagel? Need bread for a breakfast sandwich? Bagel. Looking for a quick, on-the-go bite? Yeah, bagel. There's truly no end to its incredible versatility.

You also get flavors that can blow away the palette. Everything from asiago cheese to pumpernickel, bialy, and garlic are just a few of the numerous examples of taste bud quenchers in the bagel family. It's practically never-ending.

Fortunately for Southern Mainers, we have always had a nice relationship with the bagel. The local chain Mister Bagel has been doing it right for decades, and now more and more bakery and bagel cafes have been popping up in the region

Some of the shops have also gained some serious notoriety. This includes Forage Market, Scratch Baking, and Rover Bagel being named in Food & Wine's Best Bagel Shop list. What a great accomplishment for the Greater Portland Bagel scene.

Speaking of that scene, you can find a list below of the shops. It's an eclectic mix of bakeries, cafes, local chains, and even a bike shop.

A mention should go to the larger chains that were not included in the list. Dunkin, The Great American Bagel, Panera Bread, and Starbucks all have bagels on the menu. However, the focus was more on local for this piece.

Greater Portland Bagel Shops

The bagel is the king of all breakfast vessels. They are the most versatile, being able to climb great heights in both the sweet and savory department.

Fortunately for Mainers in the Greater Portland area, they have numerous bagel shops to choose from. And many of these are nationally recognized and very iconic.

Hope you are hungry.

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