Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on the same old sweaters, electronics, or home decorations you know will just be stashed in the corner for a few years before getting donated to Goodwill?

If you're looking for an excellent gift to treat the whole family, group of friends, or office (you must really love your coworkers), consider throwing them an impromptu Irish party in the pop-up pub!

Rentals start at $850 and frequently asked questions are all addressed on the Maine Inflatables Website - How much space do they need? 20 feet by 40 feet! Can they set up anywhere? As long as there's a power plug to keep it inflated! What if it blows over? The Maine Inflatable Pub people know what they're doing and only set up if the weather is safe enough to do so.

Apparently, pop-up pubs are totally a thing in Ireland. That's where Maine Inflatable Pubs owner James McClay is from originally. Having moved here 6 year ago, James McClay has become a big part of the Irish community here in Maine. He serves as President of the AOH, is Vice President of the Irish American Club and volunteers with the Maine Irish Heritage Center. James is passionate about sharing his Irish culture and heritage and loves bringing a taste of Ireland to us with Maine Inflatable Pubs. Reserve the pub today and surprise your loved ones with the best Christmas present ever!


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