By now, we all know the one major headline coming out of the Patriots/Raiders game in Las Vegas from Sunday afternoon -- the dumbest, most stupid, most horrible, most head-scratching play definitely in New England Patriots history, but maybe NFL history, too.

The Pats (more specifically, Jakobi Meyers) literally tossing the Las Vegas Raiders the win.

But there was another headline going on at the same time in the stands that absolutely no one knew about, involving a fan that had flown from New England to Vegas to support the Pats, and an absolute scumbag pathetic woman supporting her home team Raiders.

BabzOnTheMic via Twitter
BabzOnTheMic via Twitter

Look. Before I go any further, I'm not completely glaring over the fact that New England sports fans of any type -- Sox fans, Pats fans, Bruins fans, Celtics fans, hell even Revs fans -- are some of the worst in professional sports.

And maybe this is just a me thing (which probably makes me a terrible sports fan, too), but sarcastic smack talk at games with fans of the opposing team is enjoyable to me. I don't mean being a scumbag human just foaming off at the mouth to be a d-bag, but the sarcastic smack talk where you go at each other a little bit but never disrespect each other.

That said, that wasn't this. Because you can't watch the video that's going viral from the stands of Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and think anything except two things: 1) This woman is an absolute piece of trash (and possibly actually trashed because booze), and 2) This woman is absolutely trying to goad this man into an altercation/situation.

The identity of this woman isn't known and doesn't matter because she doesn't matter. Who matters is the man just sitting there and taking this woman's provoking attitude, constantly flailing around near his face and also getting in his face. To the point that another Raiders fan, stranger to her or not, physically pulled her away from this Pats fan.

His name, by the way, is Jerry Edmond. And he actually commented on the entire situation once the video started going viral.

I’d like to thank everyone for all the kind words. I’m the Patriots fan in the video, my name is Jerry Edmond and that was my first ever NFL game. I didn’t want to ruin my experience by retaliating towards that women so I kept my cool.

And there is basically one general consensus about Jerry in the comments section of the above video. Jerry is a saint for not losing his cool, this woman was definitely trying to provoke him to retaliate, and if he had, there's a good chance that the video we'd be seeing go viral wouldn't be this one, but the one of his retaliation which would inevitably lead to trouble for him.

And that's not me talking, that's literally the majority of people commenting on the video. Go see for yourself if you need proof.

Props to Jerry for keeping his cool and doing his best to not let some random (probably drunk) trash human ruin his first live NFL game. Because I'd put up whatever money I'm worth (trust me, it's not much) that a majority of us wouldn't have followed in Jerry's footsteps.

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