Good news: the Tom Brady retirement saga just got even dumber!

If you’re still catching your breath from Brady’s emotional (some would say dull) retirement (yeah right) on Wednesday, get ready to breathe into a paper bag.

You know how Tom Brady filmed his announcement from a beach? Well now you could be the proud owner of a bag of sand from the very same beach!

Because if there’s one thing New Englanders love, it’s bringing even more beach sand into their homes. Can we start the bidding at one gift card to Ames?

Hopefully, the seller isn’t just Brady himself, trying to make up for the bath he took on cryptocurrency (major lawsuit still pending). But a man on eBay is selling two jars of Florida sand blessed by His Tommyness.

The posting description reads:

Bid for 1 of 2 samples taken from Tom Brady's exact retirement spot on February 1st 2023.

Only 2 samples taken on the day of retirement just hours after his video was posted online. Proof in photos.

You will be receiving an 8oz mason jar bottled with the exact sand the GOAT Tom Brady made his retirement video on.

And...people are actually going for it. In fact, the jar full of sand has over 100 bids, and the asking price was set to hit $100,000 as of Sunday morning.

It’s just the latest questionable gesture since Brady’s supposed farewell, after Pats owner Robert Kraft offered to sign Brady to a one-day “contract” to retire a Patriot.

If you want to pay 100 grand on some sand, here’s the listing on eBay. Congratulations, and may your cat get into it immediately.

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