For some, grocery shopping can be annoying enough during regular times.

But add in the prices of everything being absolutely stupid expensive mixed in with holiday shopping, and the whole process goes from a little annoying to an absolute dumpster fire.

Raquel Martinez / Christian Erfurt
Raquel Martinez / Christian Erfurt

Because there really are just some adulting tasks in life that are necessities but also just feel like...busy work. Laundry. Changing sheets. Cooking meals.

And grocery shopping most definitely makes that list.

There's really no upside to grocery shopping. You spend a stupid amount of money every single time you go (especially now since everything is ridiculously expensive), you usually always remember what you forgot when you're halfway home, and there's no possible way you don't encounter at least one miserable person that ends up being rude to you while you're just trying to get a head of lettuce and get the hell out of there.

So, mainly because I was curious, I decided to poll New Englanders on Facebook on what their biggest annoyances while grocery shopping were. I really didn't think I was going to get as many as I did, and I definitely didn't expect to get as many repeats on such a widespread list as I did.

New Englanders List Their 20 Biggest Grocery Shopping Annoyances

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