So you think Maine has strict rules with traveling and people coming to visit? It turns out it's not just us.  According to Boston 25 News. Governor Charlie Baker designated an order saying that people returning from high-risk states or people coming from hot spots must either have a negative COVID test within 72 of arriving or they must quarantine for 14 days. That must be a real drag as Boston is excellent in the summer, and the Red Sox season is just starting, and all those people that have moved away want to see their favorite team play.

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New England plus New York State is undoubtedly one of these safest regions on the planet when it comes to infections of COVID-19 versus the western states in the other parts of the country. All of the New England Governors are taking measures to keep it that way, as case numbers are steady and in some places on the decline such as states like Rhode Island and Vermont.

"Individuals who get a test must remain in quarantine until they receive their negative test results. Failure to comply may result in a $500 fine per day."

On Friday, July 24th, there are now 42 states in the red when it comes to the battle over COVID-19.

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