Bad news for people who park in Downtown Bangor - it will now be easier for parking enforcement to track if you've been in a parking space for too long. According to WGME, a hybrid vehicle will begin roaming the streets of Downtown Bangor next week, enabled with cameras and computers, which will scan license plates to determine if a car has been in a parking space for too long. The cameras on the vehicle will not only take pictures of license plates, but also each car's tire stem valves, to determine if the car has moved. So if you regularly park in the area, be sure to move your car when you're supposed to...not even a minute too late, because your chances of getting a ticket will dramatically increase!

I really don't like this. To me, it seems a bit unfair! I understand that you should move your car after the time you paid for expires...but if you're only five or ten minutes late, I think you should get a break. With this new technology, I'm sure more people will be getting tickets just for being a few minutes late.

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