Recycled Percussion

There may be no better and more positive humans than the crew that makes up the insanely popular New Hampshire-based band, Recycled Percussion.

Countless times (and probably until the end of time), through their Chaos & Kindness brand, Recycled Percussion has spread positivity and happiness not just in New Hampshire or all of New England, but the entire country.

Multiple times over the last few years, too, the band has tried to help Granite Staters and others out in tough financial times (as well as get people outdoors to have some unique fun) with $10,000 treasure hunts and even $25,000 treasure hunts.

Basically, Recycled Percussion and their entire Chaos & Kindness crew do and spread a lot of good, so it makes sense that they'd have some goodness spread back to them with the good news they just received.

Chaos & Kindness via YouTube
Chaos & Kindness via YouTube

Chaos & Kindness Emmy Nomination

A few days ago, the Recycled Percussion and Chaos & Kindness crew found out they were nominated for two Emmy Awards this year, all based on an episode they did back in November 2022 about a paralyzed artist.

(In case you weren't aware, not only is Chaos & Kindness a mantra followed by Recycled Percussion and a merch store in Laconia, New Hampshire, Keene, New Hampshire, and online, but it's also a television show that airs on WMUR at 7p EST on Saturday nights.)

Chaos & Kindness via YouTube
Chaos & Kindness via YouTube

The Mouth Ninja

Henry Salas is known as The Mouth Ninja to most, for the incredible works of art he produces with just his mouth. Unfortunately, according to his official website, Henry was paralyzed within just 45 minutes of a bacteria attacking his spinal cord through an autoimmune disease called Transverse Myelitis.

Henry lives with an insane amount of pain every single day, according to his website, but finds solace and an escape in art. He began digitally drawing with his phone after attaching a stylus to it, and the rest is history (and history is going viral on the internet and collecting well over 200K followers on Instagram.)

Congratulations to Henry and the Chaos & Kindness and Recycled Percussion crews. Bring home those Emmys!

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