Uh, people who live in Brookfield, NH are scratching their heads about a utility pole that's damn near in the middle of Brice Drive.

According to WMTW, residents say that the pole in the middle of the road is a hazard! It's got reflectors, but since it's close to the middle of the road, someone could hit it!

Town officials reportedly call it an inconvenience.

WMTW Brookfield NH - Brice Drive
WMTW Brookfield NH - Brice Drive

What would make anyone PAVE AROUND a utility pole?

Well, there's been an ongoing fight between some of the neighbors and town officials, because Brookfield said it needed to change the road because part of it was on somebody's property, according to WMTW.

They've been trying to get this taken care of for 7 years, the news station reported, and the pole used to be on the side of the original road. But then the town cut down trees and put up new poles along the new road.

But they can't get rid of the old pole quite yet, so they paved right around it, WMTW stated, and the new road was done in late spring.

Why is that damn pole still there? Because power lines were moved, but they are waiting for phone and cable to move their lines. Oh. Completely understandable...it's only been like three months. It's phone and cable.

But that still doesn't explain why they just didn't wait and that's the part that's frustrating the piss out of everyone.

No word on when the pole is coming down....

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