New England is craving summer

All in all, even though we're fresh off a snowstorm last Friday that left about a foot (or more) in some areas, and the last couple of nights have gotten just enough snow to be annoying but not an absolute catastrophe, we've had a pretty mild winter in Northern New England.

Regardless of how harsh or mild the winter has been, though, with March now upon us and Daylight Savings Time a week and a half away, other than New Englanders trying to get some last runs in on the mountains before the powder melts, all eyes are on the warmer weather coming in.

Walmart already has summer deals

And right there to cash in on our desire for warmer beach temps to be here sooner rather than later, is Walmart, which has already rolled out their One-Stop Summer Shop, complete with deals on pools, grills, bikes, and men's and women's swimwear. They're also already offering beach items, which include beach chairs, and that's where the story of a New Hampshire woman getting pranked by the universe comes in.

Nikki Elizabeth
Nikki Elizabeth

Because as noted in a post yesterday by New Hampshire resident and Facebook user Nikki Elizabeth,

"Left Walmart excited about my new beach chair, only to come out to a blanket of snow. Make the most of it in this crazy world."

On the one hand, it's truly great that Nikki can make the most of the absolute irony of the situation -- shopping for a beach chair to manifest summer getting here sooner, and walking out to a parking lot full of fresh powder at the Somersworth, New Hampshire Walmart.

On the other hand, it's pretty safe to say that for the 95% of New Englanders that are done with skiing, boarding, and tubing down mountains and would rather be either out camping and fishing, headed to ball games, or laying out poolside or on the beach slathered in tanning oil, these late-night pranks from the universe and mother nature of dropping a few inches of snow -- we're over it.

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Looking for something fun to do with the family but want to stretch your legs outside of Maine for the day or weekend? Here's a list of fun spots for you and your family to enjoy that could easily be done as a long day trip or a quick weekend away. Everything on this list is within x hours of Portland.

For reference, when putting in Portland, Maine on Google Maps, it places the street view guy at Portland Town Hall. Depart time is being set at 8:00 am on a Saturday in June to account for traffic.

Did your favorite make the list? Anywhere new you plan to check out?

Plus in the warmer weather, stroll around Portland and see the Color Wizard's amazing murals

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