One Direction Reunion

Ever since 2015 when Zayn Malik first left the group, followed by their indefinite hiatus that was announced in 2016, Directioners have been waiting, hoping, and praying that One Direction will all get back together for a new music drop and a fresh tour.

In the meantime, though, like loyal Directioners do, they've been supporting all five of the former 1D members in their individual endeavors.

Niall Horan Tour

Back in 2023, one former member, Niall Horan, dropped a brand new album called THE SHOW, and on May 29, 2024, kicked off his "'THE SHOW' LIVE ON TOUR" tour in Hollywood, Florida.

But it won't take Mainers and fans from away long to have Niall in front of their faces here in New England.

Google Maps / Niall Horan via YouTube
Google Maps / Niall Horan via YouTube

Niall Horan Maine

On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, Niall is bringing his tour to Vacationland to perform in Bangor at Maine Savings Amphitheater.

(For what it's worth, if you're a massive Niall fan or that date doesn't work for you, he'll also be down in Mansfield, Massachusetts, performing at the Xfinity Center on Saturday, June 15.)

Niall Horan via YouTube
Niall Horan via YouTube

Win Niall Horan Tickets

Every weekday between Monday, June 10, and Friday, June 14, we're hooking you up with a shot to score a free pair of tickets to see Niall at Maine Savings Amphitheater on June 19!

Pile of Niall on Q97.9

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