I had never seen this before.


Good ol' Webber, a longtime listener and friend of the Q Morning Show was at the Porthole Restaurant and Pub. We got to chatting about drinking, and for some reason stumbled upon this fine talent of his.


My favorite part of this quick video is the look on Lou's face. Please note the horror and amazement she has at Webber's talent.

Not only did he NOT burp after this, but said he had a video of him doing this with two bottles! And the two bottles were again Twisted Tea. I asked if that was the only drink he could do that with and he said yes. It's because Twisted Tea isn't carbonated, so he can do it. Carbination makes for an ugly attempt at this and some leakage with the foam.

So, next time you are at a party and super thirsty and want to impress your friends - try hands free drinking!*

*Please don't try this.


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