Good lord. Now our toilets are against us.


According to the Sun Journal, scientists experimented with flushing and air flow. Of course they discovered that aerosol droplets forced upward by a flush appear to spread wide enough and linger long enough to be inhaled. The coronavirus has been found in the...the uh, #2 of covid-19 patients. Now, don't be afraid to use the bathroom, because they don't know if a toilet aerosol cloud could have enough virus to infect a person. But right now, the research says close the lid.


And wash those hands.

People have never been huge fans of public bathrooms - just because of the germs. People have only gotten more creeped out with bathrooms and germs thanks to the pandemic. But we are are freaked out by the wrong things. We've always been worried about the seat. But the risk of getting something from the surface of the seat is nothing compared to after you flush and what is in the air. Experts call it the 'toilet plume.' Not even kidding.

It's one of the biggest reason to wash your hands after using the bathroom. That toilet plume can spread bacteria to surfaces. But we are still learning how those viruses are transmitted in the air and inhaled. And scientists are actually studying sewage around the world to track the spread of COVID-19.

Want some good news? It appears the risk is low - so no need to freak out even more. One scientist's advice was to flush and run if there is no lid.



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