If you're thinking about going out on the ice for some fishing or snowmobiling, the National Weather Service wants you to think twice about it.

Even after the cold temperatures we've had this past week, the National Weather Service in Gray warned on a recent Facebook post that ice thickness on Maine's lakes and ponds remains low because of the wide swinging temperatures we've had recently. One week temperatures are near zero and the following week they're in the 40s. That's just how Maine rolls.

As much as we may think we know all about ice thickness, it's always good to get a reminder this time of year when the calendar says the ice should be safe but the reality is completely different.

This graphic posted by the Gray NWS shows just how thick the ice needs to be to support everything from a person up to a large pickup truck.

Just remember that no ice is ever completely safe, so don't venture out alone and have a rescue plan in case something goes wrong.

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