Casco Bay Lines has officially switched to their off-season fall ferry schedule which means tourists are on their way out, or at least to the woods for fall foliage peeping. Casco Bay's many islands just got a little more manageable for us locals looking for ocean adventures.

Don't be fooled by the words "off-season". Off-season is the best season in coastal Maine and here are three things to do on Peaks Island once the tourists leave. Hop on Casco Bay Lines and go!

1. Cockeyed Gull

Off season eats and drinks are sometimes tough to come by on Casco Bay's islands. The Inn and Jones Landing stay open most of the off season (there are full-time residents on Peaks) but Cockeyed Gull is my favorite, mostly because of the name. The drinks are pretty bomb, too. Fuel your off-season adventure on one of the most populous islands in Casco Bay with a daily special meal and a cocktail.

2. Battery Steele

I hope you brought a flashlight with you because Battery Steele is quite dark and creepy. The abandoned military site was built in 1942 to support World War II. The underground rooms and tunnels are a favorite for the adventurous urban explorer. But seriously, bring a flashlight along with your camera.

3. Portland Public Library

If you're not trying to get lost in underground tunnels of a World War II military site but still want something to do in the off season, visit the Peaks Island branch of the Portland Public Library. The library is set to undergo a major renovation at the start of 2017, so get in there before the dust starts flying.

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