Mike Rich is a graffiti artist, but he's not tagging buildings or railroad cars. He's a professional graffiti artist in Maine who is hired to create amazing works of art on buildings, walls and even ugly metal utility boxes.

Mike latest project however is a unique one. He has turned a former school bus into the 207 Fashion Bus, a mobile thrift store based in Portland. That's really all we know at the moment about the 207 Fashion Bus, but it's safe to assume that it's a bus that drives around Portland selling used clothing. A Google search shows that an LLC for 207 Fashion Bus was filed in June by Thomas Webber of Peaks Island.

Mike Rich did the paint job on the 207 Fashion Bus with graffiti style lettering lit up by Portland Headlight and the words "Repair. Rewear. Repurpose."


This video posted by Mike shows a bit of the work in progress, from the look of the original school bus to the finished project. The "School Bus" signs on the front and back of the bus have been changed to Fashion Bus and the swing out stop sign has been changed to say "SHOP" instead.

I can tell you that my girlfiend Michele is pretty excited about the 207 Fashion Bus. I'm just afraid I may lose closet space if she hits it up too much!

According to the 207fashionbus Instargram page, the bus was planned to hit the road in August, but as of yet it hasn't been seen in the wild, but keep an eye out for it. It'll be hard to miss.

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