Man, this is one of those things that just...forget your gifts, forget your stocking stuffers. THIS is what the spirit of Christmas is really, truly all about.

I was cruising through my Facebook feed and came across a friend that shared a post, and his comment was basically, "They did it, they got him a house." Obviously, I went to the original post and did some digging when I realized that whatever they were talking about was happening in New England -- Rhode Island, to be exact.

Apparently, there's a man in his 70s named Pete, who has been living out of his broken down PT Cruiser for a while now. He actually was joined by his mother, too, but she unfortunately passed away in her 90s about a year ago. So it's literally just been Pete, all alone, living in the parking lot of a gym.

A woman named Monique Pass on Facebook came across a post that her friend had put up, detailing how she had seen Pete living in a fast food restaurant's parking lot and became curious/concerned. After Monique went to visit Pete herself and talk to him about his story, she decided to create a GoFundMe for him to help him out.

Now, mind you, that's from Monday. In THREE DAYS, as of this writing right now, $9,750 has been donated to the GoFundMe page for Pete. One day later, Monique shared THIS update about what the community's effort had already done in 24 hours:

Right after that post, Monique posted this emotional video with more detail about what's happening with Pete and just how much the community has helped him within DAYS and also his reaction to it all.

She also confirmed this morning that they traded in Pete's old PT Cruiser and he now has a new car (not brand new, but new to him) to help get him from Point A to Point B.

Like I said at the start of this -- THIS is what the season is all about. And imagine what a better place the world would be if we acted like THIS, poured out the Christmas Spirit, all 12 months of the year and not just in the final one...ya dig?

AMAZING job blowing this up as much as you have, Monique. The world needs more humans like you. AND more humans like everyone else that has donated to raise almost $10,000 for a random person who has had an especially rough year-plus. We're pullin for ya, Pete!

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