We all had them. Oftentimes not even knowing where they came from but dang, they're fun. Many of us still keep one on our desks to fidget with. I'm talking of course about Pin Art toys! And honestly, I had to Google what they were called.

We've all shoved our hands and faces into them being ever so careful not to mess up our creation, at least until we want to change it up. We've all also wondered what it would be like to put our entire body into one. Well, now we can with a trip to Laconia, New Hampshire.

One of the world's largest pin walls just arrived at the Chaos & Kindness store in Laconia, New Hampshire. Chaos & Kindness is a retail store that's all about fun and positivity. You may have seen the Emmy-award winning show of the same name which you can stream on YouTube and Amazon. The brand is a labor of love by the band, Recycled Percussion.

So for a super unique Insta-worthy photo opportunity make sure you plan a trip. And no worries, it'll be sanitized for safe shenanigans!

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